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    • Thanks for the input.
      I really like the Coast of Maine… although I am not sure I would make it through more than one winter.

      I don’t know what the karma is there… It is definitely conducive to creating art. All the great coastal coves, harbors, rocks, great white trees everywhere you look… The ghosts of the Wyeths (among others, of course)… I guess.

      It’s different here in Seattle, The photographic art community has been smothered to death… They have to go elsewhere to sell anything. People here would rather eat out that buy art… where’s their taste, eh?

      I spent a summer there going to school at the Maine Photographic Workshops. The best summer I can remember…. well actually second best. 1977 and 1997 were two very good summers and they both were taken up almost completely by the two things I like the best photography and sailing… I have a ranger 33….

      Good luck.

    • I made a link to an e mail subscription. This particular wordpress format doesn’t show me a widget for RSS subscriptions… like some others do.

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